Christian T-Shirts

Change Your Shirt. Change A Life.

Here's something to ponder. In three seconds or less, a well designed Christian t-shirt or clothing item can attract the attention of anyone on the face of the planet that can see, and deliver a message that is life changing.

Christian t-shirts can encourage or engage. They can cause people to think...even to question, and often Christian clothing can open doors of opportunity for believers to witness to individuals who may have never set foot in (or near) a church.

Christian t-shirts cut across all boundaries that age, culture, etc. can build up. Christian shirts can deliver the Gospel with impact and sincerity to individuals that otherwise may never stop to consider its truth. The makers of the quality Christian t-shirts and clothing in our store, Gardenfire Apparel and Kerusso Activewear have received stacks of letters over the years from fellow believers that testify that this can be (and is) a daily occurrence.

It is the power of the Word as it is carried on the backs of believers all across the is the reason that Christian T-Shirt Shop , Gardenfire and Kerusso are here serving you today.

So the next time you go to the mall, or the fair or even the grocery store...remember to wear Christian t-shirts. You'll be presenting the Gospel to potentially hundreds of people every time you do. It is the ministry of Christian t-shirts. It's a three second witness that can have an eternal effect.